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The aim of TNC Components is to provide competitive products and services to furniture industry and shops as well as to be a leading processor of wooden components in Skandinavia.

TNC provides services to:

  • timber industry by delivering necessary raw materials, components as well as finished products;
  • companies who sell and install integrated furniture by delivering structures of furniture, doors and mechanisms according to the customers´ needs;
  • construction material shops by delivering cupboards with standard and sliding doors as well as bathroom furniture;
  • furniture shops by delivering desks and school benches, bookshelves and other furniture made from furniture board;
  • house factories by delivering integrated furniture in pieces or assembled according to their needs.

The target of TNC is to:

  • strive for long-term customer relationships, keeping the price competitive and quality and security of supply at a high level;
  • be the the best supplier to its customers;
  • maintain economic stability and solvency on the level of the best companies in the field;
  • offer favourable working environment to the best experts, who will keep the productivity on the highest level;
  • train its team and develop through the principle of continuous improvements;
  • offer long-term partnership to its customers.